with the same water heater

enjoying the same flowrate


Shampoo is a key moment of relaxation and pleasure in the experience of your salon. 

But can your water tank handle peak traffic? Will any of your customers have cold water?

Obox doubles the amount of hot water available and reduces temperature variations at the shower head. You do not need to add an additional balloon to compensate for peak traffic or increased use.


It's an unparalleled increase in comfort for your customers, yet you save a significant amount of money..

Get double the hot water now:

Your salon is facing fierce competition: you can't afford to let your costs go up. You also don't want to lower the standing of your salon by shortening shampoos, reducing the flow rate or temperature... 



However, there is one source of energy that you are not yet exploiting: the heat from waste water. Indeed, you throw the water from the shampoos down the drain... still hot! 



Obox captures 71% of this heat and therefore reduces your hot water bill by a third while doubling the amount of hot water available.

Calculate now the savings you could make with our calculator:

Save energy now:



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