Since 2009, EHTech has been developing heat recovery systems.


In 2011, the team launches Obox, the most efficient heat recovery system ever tested by an independent laboratory. Nine years later, no system has yet equalled this record.



EHTech perfectly masters the design of high-performance exchangers and the automated maintenance of their performance over time, even under extreme operating conditions. Because EHTech's technology is new and innovative, EHTech has filed and obtained 7 patent Applications, extended in 9 countries including the United States.

EHTech's technological lead has been rewarded with 10 international awards in France, Europe and the United States.​


EHTech has been developing its heat recovery systems for more than 9 years. Seven heat recovery kinds for domestic, collective and industrial wastewater have been launched on the market and sold in excess of 400 units in 7 countries.


The obsession with efficiency consistency is EHTech's identity and the heart of its patented technology. And in 9 years, EHTech's customers have put their heat recovery systems to the test of the most severe and diverse fouling!



The EHTech team brings this rich experience to bear in all its new developments.



"Payback should be 4 to 5 years"

Le Point March 2018

« Toulouse: capitale de l’innovation »

BFMTV, February 23th 2018

Télématin, France 2,

October 6th 2016

Génie Climatique Magazine, October 2017

"Customers save 200€ per year on average"

"Cold water gets heated 20°C for free"

"Obox generates 63% savings on the energy need of the water heater, which is then used almost exclusively as a backup"


Throwing hot shower water down the drain remains standard practice today. Heat recovery from wastewater benefits from being better known, because it is the most logical, economical and environmentally friendly way to heat water.


To achieve this, EHTech is convinced that it is necessary to overcome commercial rivalries. In 2013 with GERI, in 2016 with ValorEU and in 2018 with the European association for the promotion of heat recovery, EHTech has founded associations with its competitors where all cooperate to make the public aware of fatal heat recovery.


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