Recovering heat from the renewal of community pool water has a payback time shorter than 3 years. 

Main pool of the Alex Jany Center in Toulouse (France), where an Obox P has been installed in October 2017.

Community pools cost a lot to run, mostly because of their huge energy needs. Maintaining a pool at 29 °C costs an average 100 k€ a year. Still, they throw continuously hot waste water down the drain.



In effect, to maintain a clean and pristine water but also to stay within legal limits of chlorine, flocculent and other pollutants, community pools managers continuously renew the pool's water.


Doing so, they discard an average 80 to 120 litres per user of 29 °C water down the drain. That amounts to thousands of m3 of hot water being discarded every year.


Obox P captures up to 80% of the heat from the wastewater used to renew the pool. Therefore it reduces the need to heat fresh water that refills the pool.


Obox P is compatible with chlorinated water in pools open to the public. It is a heat recovery unit whose cleaning is fully automated and is delivered on a self-supporting structure to be fixed to the floor or wall.

EHTech studies the available lost heat source free of charge, contact us by phone on 09 72 60 91 83 or by e-mail.



To best prepare your project, EHTech carries out a complete feasibility study which includes on-site measurements, precise calculation of recoverable energy, implementation on plans, costing and installation schedule.

IR image taken when auditing the Bellevue public pool in Toulouse (France)





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